Cohabitation, Marriage, and Separation Agreements

Family law agreements take place between spouses or partners and outline rules, boundaries, and guidelines concerning a marriage, cohabitation, or separation. They are binding contracts that allow for couples to plan for their future.

At Chhokar Law Office, we tailor family agreements to meet your individual needs. We work diligently to gain an in-depth understanding of your goals and work alongside you to protect what matters most.

Cohabitation Agreements

For couples who live together but are not married, entering a cohabitation agreement can save conflict and stress should the relationship end. By agreeing on matters such as property division ahead of time, both parties are able to ensure that their best interests are protected.

Marriage Contracts

A marriage contract, often referred to as a prenuptial agreement, is created to protect the individual rights of both parties should a marriage end in separation or divorce. A marriage contract can address a range of issues including:

  • Property division
  • Finances
  • Spousal support
  • Child support

Separation Agreements

A separation agreement is entered at the end of a relationship and covers topics relating to property division, spousal support, and matters relating to children. Given the importance of the agreement in the separation and divorce process as well as the matters that it addresses, it is critical to work alongside a skilled lawyer throughout its creation.

At Chhokar Law Office, we have experience preparing all manner of marriage contracts, cohabitation agreements, and separation agreements. We spend the time needed to understand your goals and work towards a solution that benefits all parties involved.

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