Spousal Support
Spousal support is an imperative factor when partnerships dissolve and the economics behind partnerships many times factors in an inequality of income which can ideally disposition one of the parties to suffer as a result. Chhokar Law Office in Brampton, Ontario are very familiar with the needs that arise in the case of such dissolution. Other times, the lack of a marriage contract can expose a party to unreasonably benefit the other and hence substantial loss in equity and financial obligation occurs. We are here to rationalize and mitigate on behalf of our clients and to offer peace of mind during these troubling times. For further advice on your case, please contact us at 905-488-6557

The law views spousal relationships as financial partnerships. When the partnership breaks down, the person with more income or assets may have to pay support to the other. At the same time, the law expects adults to look after their own needs to the best of their abilities.

To decide on how much spousal support and the length of time that it should be paid, the law says that judges must consider a number of factors, including how much the person asking for support needs to meet his or her needs, and how much the other person can afford to pay. A person may claim support to help him or her become financially self-sufficient or to keep from ending up in serious financial difficulty.