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We are Lawyers in Brampton Ontario who are experienced in Divorce and Settlement Cases. In guiding husbands and wives through the separation and divorce process, our team understands your frustrations and fears, as well as your desire for a positive outcome. As each case is defined by its own uniqueness, we recognize the need to handle each case skillfully, efficiently and cost effectively.  Chhokar Law Office offers the skill, experience and success in representing clients at various court levels as well as in providing advice aimed at minimizing litigation.

When a dissolution or dissolve of marriage occurs, Chhokar Law is here to assure our clients to bring the most favorable outcome of an unfortunate outcome in life. We are here to represent each client with the assurance that through our experience and expertise, Chhokar Law stands ahead of the crowd to ensure the protection and well being of our client. The legal separation of man and wife, effected, for cause, by the judgment of a court, and either totally dissolving the marriage relation, or suspending its effects so far as concerns the cohabitation of the parties can be a serious infliction and toll on the well being of any person. We are here to support our clients in times of this need. For further consultation, please contact us at 905-488-6557

Divorce is only available for legally married spouses who wish to end their relationship and/or remarry. It is the process through which they terminate their legal marriage by an application to the court. Married couples are not divorced until a court grants one. Courts will only do so if the marriage has broken down due to separation, adultery, or cruelty. Generally, unless adultery or cruelty is at issue, divorce via separation requires at least a year long wait before an application can be made. Additionally, if there are children involved, the court can stall the divorce process until it is satisfied that proper arrangements have been made for the children’s care, custody, and support.

Divorce in Ontario

In recent decades, family law in Canada has been the subject of frequent and important reform.  Amendments to provincial and federal family law legislation, as well as other legal changes made by the courts, have mirrored and in some cases anticipated dramatic social changes, such as more couples separating or living together outside of marriage, more women working outside the home as well as in it, and large numbers of children living with single parents or step-parents.  Divorce law is one of the key components of family law in Canada. As more people every year experience divorce or separation, whether their own or that of someone close to them, family law continues to have a tremendous impact on growing numbers of Canadians.  In Canada, almost 40% of marriages now end in divorce.  The social science literature is full of evidence of the negative impact that divorce can have on the emotional well-being of children and other members of the family, while the financial damage caused by divorce and separation is well known.  Since 1968, when the first federal Divorce Act was passed, society has become more tolerant of separation and remarriage, which have been made easier through major reforms to the divorce law effected by the Divorce Act, 1985.