Child Support

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Once you have worked out the important details for living and care of your children, through custody and access arrangements, you will next need to determine child support. Despite being divorced, both parents always remain legally obligated to financially support their children. The main principle of Canada’s child support law is:

“All children should continue to benefit from the financial means of both parents as if they were still together”.

In fact, in Canada a judge must be satisfied that appropriate financial arrangements have been made for children, before a divorce will be granted. Child support is the right of the child. A parent cannot contract out of a child’s support with the other parent.

All children need the support of both parents and as such, they are also legally entitled to it. If you are the non-custodial, or non-principal residence parent, and your children are under the age of majority or unable to live independently for a valid reason such as illness, disability or because they are attending school at a post secondary level etc. – then, by law, you are required to pay child support.

One of the biggest questions with regards to child support is “How much child support will I have to pay or will I receive?” Child support amounts are calculated based on four things:

• Income
• The residency arrangements of the children
• The number of children involved
• The province or territory where you live

The amounts that individuals are generally required to pay for support is based on tables set by the government. These tables were originally devised using a formula which was based on:

• A parents gross income,
• Cost of living,
• Provincial income tax
• Average national amounts that families spend to care for children.


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