Bail Hearing Brampton Ontario


Our Law Office in Brampton Ontario  is experienced in handling Bail Hearing matters.  We are diligent with our review and provide our Clients with the best solution for such timely legal matters. The extent of bail hearing matters vary in type and degree so each case has to be dealt in its own uniqueness and complexity.  Our Brampton Lawyer with its knowledgeable staff is fully equipped to handle simple to complex cases.

Bail Hearing Synopsis
Under Canadian law, with a few exceptions (such as murder), there is a presumption that an accused should be given some form of pretrial release unless it can be established that her detention until trial is necessary. There are various forms of release available. “Bail” refers to the form of release in which an amount of contingent debt is pledged by the accused as a condition of release pending trial (her “own bail”), or by her “surety” (a “surety bail”) or, in some limited circumstances, the accused must make a cash deposit (“cash bail”). In the vast majority of situations, however, bail refers to the first two situations, in which a legally binding pledge is made to pay the Crown a sum of money (the bail amount) only if and when the terms of the release are violated. In a surety bail, the surety makes the pledge and owes the Crown the bail amount in the event that the accused does not comply with the court’s terms of release.